Om Vault for Documents.

If you didn’t read about our upcoming relaunch of Om Company, you can read it here. The relaunch will bring with it a new version of our document generation service, which by default, will store all documents in a “virtual security deposit box”. With this, if you wanted to, you can take personal ownership of the “digital key” that unlocks this virtual security deposit box, so only you can see the documents you generate.

A version of this already powers Om Company today, but it was important to rethink how Om Company would work if we grew to serve thousands of customers in hundreds of jurisdictions, with support for tens, if not hundreds, of different documents. As you can imagine that is a lot!

How does it work?

We split the capturing of inputs that generate your documents and the actual creation and storage of the document into two different parts. The split will allow us to treat even our own company as a “stranger” until a high barrier of trust is proven between the the two different parts of the app.

When a document is ready to be generated the inputs a customer specified for a particular document is sent to the secure document generation service to create the document. That service does the following:

  • Verifies that this request is coming from Om Company and validates that the request to create a document is valid and has all the parts is needed to create the document that the customer wants.
  • Securely handle the data, generate the document and send it to the new Vault service.
  • Generate a unique user-specific key, which can be managed by the user (in the future) but currently handled by a secure cloud key management service (KMS), to encrypt the document.
  • Store the document in an encrypted store, and let Om Company’s app know how to find the securely stored document.
  • When a customer wants to access the document, they simply click view or download in their vault dashboard, to get the generated document. In the future, power users can opt to only be able to view or download their documents from vault if they present a second “key” that they only possess.

Why are we doing this?

Our customers care about creating documents quickly and easily. In having this single focus, sometimes customers forget about the sorts of data they are giving up to service providers, especially when creating estate planning documents. Unfortunately other service providers aren’t thinking about their customers’ security either. When they do they are hitting a lot of the basic items such as transporting data over HTTPS and data-at-rest. There is so much more to do but it can be costly and burdensome to prioritize, and doing it right is tough. Om Company is as much about making estate planning more accessible as it is about making digital estate planning and document/contract creation more secure.

In the upcoming announcement of the relaunch, more information on the vault will be included for customers and lawyer partners that are interested.