How to create a will online

Generally speaking, the process of creating a will online with a service such as Om Company, will involve the following steps. 1) Answering questions about yourself, such as your marital status and if you have children. 2) Specifying wishes for relevant questions such as how your assets and estate should be distributed upon death or guardianship for any minor children and 3) reviewing the documents and properly executing the documents to ensure they are legally binding.

Deciding to create a will online or not depends on how well you understand your specific situation and how confident you feel about reviewing and understanding the documents that are generated for you.

If you are not confident with the service you choose or have questions, consider using a service like FindLaw to find a lawyer near you or choose an online provider, like Om Company, that allows you to optionally have a lawyer review your documents for a fee.

If you have decided to proceed with creating your will online, here are suggestions to consider when creating a will online:

  1. Your documents need to be tailored to the state or province you live in so find an online service that supports your region.
  2. Avoid giving up a bunch of personal data before you’ve decided to purchase your documents.
  3. If you have minor children or pets, be prepared to answer questions like who you’d like to assign as guardians in the event of your death; these questions can be hard to answer and you should spend some time thinking about and having a conversation with prospective guardians about your wishes.
  4. When using an online service, you’ll likely be assigning a trusted friend or family member to act in the role of Executor (the person who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes). Take time to consider who would be a good fit in this role.
  5. Not all documents and online providers will fit your needs, so consider a service that offers a money-back guarantee.