Continuing our launch in more jurisdictions.

Since Om Company launched I’ve been humbled at the demand from jurisdictions we haven’t launched in. Our waitlist is now hundreds of people deep in provinces like British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. I had personally expected to be launched in those provinces by now, including launching in a few U.S. states. So why haven’t we launched yet?

When the software, that powers Om Company, was initially built I made some assumptions about our business that ended up being too narrow. Specifically, I thought customers only wanted help with estate planning documents, and that those documents were only going to be a handful of different types of documents. Also, I didn’t anticipate that we’d attract lawyers who also wanted to make estate planning more accessible to their clients.

These learnings only could have happened by launching, signing up real customers and seeing how our app was being used by them. The growing waiting list (over 200) was also an eye-opener. With these new learnings in hand, I made the tough decision of pausing geographic expansion and diverting time and resources to ensuring Om Company could have a flexible core to build upon.

I’m glad to say the rearchitecting is complete, and we will be ready to launch a new version of our app in the coming weeks. At this time I’ll also announced our new lawyer partners and the launch schedule for new markets. Here is what to expect:

  • Added regional support – British Columbia and Alberta will be the first new provinces to get access to Om’s document generation service, with Manitoba following. We will be introducing our lawyer partners in the US at the same time and sharing our launch schedule for the U.S.
  • New and improved login – sticking to a fundamental value of Om Company to make accessing your account easier and securer, we will be leveraging Auth0 for an improved link-based login, which will make your login and registration even easier.
  • Encrypted documentscustomer data is already securely handled today, but we are now going to encrypted generated documents right at the point of generation, and store them in an encrypted storage format. In addition, we are going to give power users the ability to manage the “key” to decrypting these documents.
  • Better audit trailA personal goal of mine has been to create transparency in changes you make to your documents, or changes we make to document versions. This audit trail will be easy to see against each document in the update.

Again, I’m glad to be coming out of this phase and being able to recommit to expanding into new markets to truly make estate planning accessible to everyone.