Welcome to Om’s new content hub.

I’m so happy to launch Om’s content hub in public beta to you all today. Our mission at Om is to help people achieve peace of mind and build a good life. One of the pillars that Om was built on is to Facilitate Discovery. Facilitating discovery to us means helping you discover and learn useful information and tools that enable you to make decisions that compound to a fulfilled and comfortable life.

Most of our content will focus on estate planning and financial well-being, but we hope to use this medium to educate you on matters we think will be important to planning as we transition to a more digital world. Two of the important spokes I’d like to highlight are Learn and Technology.


Learn will be a collection of advice, tips and content from the Om team and our partners that help you educate yourself on estate planning, tax, financial well-being and more. We are also committing to using Learn to share content for important topics such as digital safety, privacy and the legal industry. Our team has deep experience across emerging technologies, economics, investing, and law, which I hope will help you on your journey to build a good life.


Om is the only wills and estate planning startup in Canada to have a full-time legal team and full-time technology team which as positioned us to lead the disruption of a nascent industry while making peace of mind attainable. We’re on the forefront of using technology to solve people’s problems and we want to share how we do it with you. We also want to help you understand the technology, including tips and advice to protect yourself and your family. As we increasingly move everything to a digital world, contracts such as wills and power of attorneys will do so also. We intend to keep you abreast on all these exciting developments.

We appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve peace of mind through learning and education. If you have any suggestions for topics we should cover shoot me a note.

Until next time.